Blackmail nudes

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Had a breakup? Are you afraid that your ex might publish your personal photos? Fear of seeing a naked picture on any social media site or anywhere else can shake even the hardest soul! Of course, porn stars are an exception. Shockingly, thousands of revenge porn videos and pictures are posted on the internet every day. So what are the possible options in front of you when someone blackmails you using your nude pictures?

I hope this situation never comes in your life, but one should have the knowledge as to how to deal with a situation like this. This article will let you know how to prevent someone from making your private pictures public, and the available remedies if someone is being threatened because of those pictures. Revenge Porn: The former sexual partner with a motive to cause distress or embarrassment leaks the sexually explicit images or videos of a person on the internet.

Capturing of videos or a picture through spy cameras is also very common. While many people may not want to share the pictures or videos of their ex, many use such photos or videos to either blackmail or take revenge by making them public. A partner may save these pictures somewhere out of your reach and wait for the right time to use them against you. Till now, your pictures or video clips are being distributed leaked to friends of friends. One of these people may then chose to sell the clip to a porn website for a few dollars. Sometimes your ex-intended nothing more than sharing a clip with his best friend, but that itself may lead to your nude pictures being all over the internet overnight.

This type of threat is called blackmail, and you might feel like you have no option but to do what your partner says. Blackmailing is a form of emotional abuse, and like all abuses, it is about power and control. A person who uses this tactic wants to make you afraid of some consequence to get you to do what they want. Here is what to do:. I would advise you to approach a lawyer you can trust, who will be sensitive and supportive. Through such a person, file a civil case asking for an injunction from the court on the individuals who are threatening you.

Once notice is served on them, they will be worried and not want to make things worse by leaking anything unless they are lunatics. If you think they are insane, then go to police straight instead of following this approach. Otherwise, this is the best bet. Once a notice from the court is served on them, ideally along with an injunction to not share those clips or photos with any person, plus a demand to present themselves before the court, your lawyer should reach out to them and begin a negotiation.

At this point, they will be scared that you may file a criminal case as well, which would lead to their arrest. You may indeed opt to do so if the negotiations between your lawyer and their side do not go well. Therefore, if you can afford a few thousand rupees of lawyers fees, it is advisable that you take help of a competent lawyer in such scenario. Sometimes the victim is worried that their parents will come to know about the situation.

One must not just wallow in such thoughts and let the situation go out of control. Contact either the police hotline or the above helpline to get advice on how you can handle the situation in the best possible way. The government has also set up cyber forensic training and investigation labs in various states till now in 9 states for the training of law enforcement and also for the judiciary in 3 states.

Cyber-crime cells have been set up in all states and Union territories for reporting and investigation of cyber-crime cases. Blackmailing is an act done by cowards; one must not fear from threats in the first place. The society should not criticize the nudes leak. If you want to learn more about cyber law, you can take up this course that is created by iPleaders.

LawSikho has created a telegram group for exchanging legal knowledge, referrals and various opportunities. You can click on this link and :. This is helpful but what to do when you cant let parents know about this… And you dont have any proof???? Am reallyy helples and i dont know what am gonna do with myself right now please help. And im only 14 and this guy is I made a big mistake and im sorry and i dont know what to do.

My ex just threaten to leak my nudes out. So a close guy friend of mine and I came up with a way to get my ex off my back. We acted like we got in a huge fight. What if the person take revenge after complaining in police if the person has no shame and he posts it on internet will the police be able to block such sites. What if the person hides their identity behind a fake profile?

Not to worry. This will help if he ever blocks you or unsends the images in the future or as soon as you see them. Better if those backups are on cloud or on you computer in case if you lose access to your phone. Check your mailbox for the ing link. From Bhawna Agarwal: [ protected]. in . in. Log into your .

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Blackmail nudes

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Someone has threatened to share my nudes. What do I do now?