Chest hair fetish

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Back in November , I read a Daily Mail headline ' Ritualistic hair-fetish killer serving life in British prison is convicted in Italy of teen murder '. Another link between the two cases, were that 15 women had reported their hair being involuntarily cut on buses in both Bournemouth and Potenza around the time of the murders. Clearly, Restivo is not a typical trichophile i.

However, it is one of the few times that hair fetishism has been highlighted by the mass media. According to Dr. The source of sexual arousal may be derived from viewing, touching, or in extreme cases eating hair. Although head hair is the most common source for arousal, other types of hair may be equally if not more arousing for some people including pubic hair i. Some authors — such as Dr. Love also claims that some hair fetishes are more favoured by particular genders e.

The fetish has been observed in both males and females although as with most fetishes and paraphilia, it appears to be predominantly male. Those with hair fetishes may also have very specific attributes as to what is most sexually arousing such as the hair being from a stranger rather than someone they know, hair length, hair colour, hair style, and whether the hair is wet or dry.

They may also prefer hair to have been washed with a particular shampoo or hairspray suggesting an overlap with olfactophilia i. There is absolutely no empirical evidence for such claims but Freud is one of the few people to put forward a psychological explanation. The Fetish Connections website makes a of assertions about hair fetishes, who engages in it, and different subtypes:.

A few hetero voyeurs like the look of women with hairy underarms, or men with hairy chests, but there's also a gay sub-community involving "musclebears" with hairy chests. Then, there's transvestite hair salons or spas where the full treatment involves a haircut, hair massage, shampoo, and rollers. The shampoo and rollers ritual is also shared by straight enthusiasts.

Long, upright hair beehive, flip, etc. More specifically, they claim that:. In a blog on fetishism , I wrote at length about a study led by Dr G. Scorolli University of Bologna, Italy on the relative prevalence of different fetishes using online fetish forum data. A further fetishists comprised other types of body hair including depilation sites, beards, and pubic hair.

To date, there are no detailed s of trichophilia in the clinical literature. Richard von Krafft-Ebbing noted the case of a man married to a bearded lady who was distraught after her death and constantly searched for another although here the trichophilia is implied. However, Dr. Magnus Hirschfield in his book Sexual Anomalies and Perversion recounted a more detailed case of a male gay trichophile. He noted:. The patient still remembers quite clearly how he pushed his fingers through her hair. At the age of puberty he begun to experience sexual excitement whenever he saw or touched nicely dressed hair.

He executes this operation in the following manner. He stands behind the other man, applies hair oil, which, together with combs, he always carries with him, then he combs the hair back. It obviously started in childhood and developed over the subsequent years.

It would also appear that these early experiences appear to have been paired with sexual excitement and that the fetishistic behaviour most likely developed via classically conditioned experiences. Like many other fetishes and paraphilias that I have examined in my blogs, this is yet another one where there is a great need for further research. Allen, E. Ritualistic hair-fetish killer serving life in British prison is convicted in Italy of teen murder. Daily Mail , November Aggrawal A. Fetish Connections Fetish V [Hair fetishes].

Krafft-Ebing, R. Psychopathia Sexualis. New York: Paperback Library reprint. Parfitt, A. Fetishism, transgenderism, the concept of castration. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy , 21, 61— Scorolli, C. Relative prevalence of different fetishes. International Journal of Impotence Research, 19, Tyler Volk, T.

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Chest hair fetish

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What it’s like to be gay, hairy and fetishized