Dating a ginger man

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Anyhow, without further ado, here goes! Did you know that people with natural red hair make up only one to two percent of the entire human population? You probably knew they were uncommon, but this level of rarity makes you appreciate gingers even more, am I right? And with their uniqueness comes a host of advantages for those who are lucky enough to snag one. Speaking of pros, hot accents, anyone? Given people of northern or northwestern European ancestry make up the majority of the above . Specifically, two to six percent of northwestern Europeans are born with natural red locks.

That means you are more likely to meet an English, Irish, or Scot ginger than you are to meet one from any other part of the world. Of course, there is always the possibility of having a couple of faux reds around. But you would have to be in a room full of gingers to have the same trouble that would typically come with losing a brunette or even blonde on a regular day.

As many perks as there are to being unique, the attention it attracts also has its downsides. Ask anyone that belongs to a minority group, and they will most likely have a story to tell about being treated differently at least once in their life. Having lived through prejudice and discrimination — both medieval and modern — basically all their lives, a ginger guy can probably relate to such stories better than most.

While it is important to separate facts from myth, it is a truth that gingers have a certain sensitivity to them. While this means they have a higher threshold for stinging pain and anesthesia than their non-red counterpart, they are also more sensitive to temperature and prone to toothaches. Not to mention their sensitivity to the sun, among other things. Not to be confused by their pale skin, these lots have what brunettes and blondes can only describe as a genetic superpower. This means that if a bunch of people is subjected to low light conditions, the natural gingers among them can internally make their own Vitamin D.

They can also absorb the bone-strengthening vitamin from the sun more quickly than the rest of us. So, do not be fooled by their frail appearance, an average ginger guy packs something heavy in the bone department. When you grow up continually having to prove you deserve to be in the room as much as the next person, you tend to come out the other side better than most.

Not to make it look like the red hair gene automatically makes them perfect. Another upside to their rocky experience on the playground if you are the glass half full type is that an average ginger guy can take a joke. Moreso, he can dish them out just as well. Having to develop a sense of humor as a coping mechanism is not funny, but unfortunately, it is the reality of these guys. They may not get the feature by choice, but having it makes living a bit more bearable and dating, more fun. Men in all of their toxic macho-ness generally do not rank self-care high on their list.

Not only will he not put you down for taking care of yourself, but he would also likely in and maybe even offer some recommendations. Buddy in bed and skincare? Go figure! According to the CDC , 13 out of men will have prostate cancer in their lifetime just because they are male. According to this study by the British Journal of Cancer, ginger men may have the same gene responsible for their hair color to thank for this incredible edge.

From speculations to studies and even individual experiences, many swear that not only do gingers have more sex, but they also get to orgasm more than most of us. While I may not confirm this about all ginger men, there is usually no smoke without a fire.

At that stage, he has probably lived through the worst of the pressure to dye his hair or take more drastic measures to keep his identity hidden. This means gingers who stay ginger despite all odds have had to develop their confidence alongside. This is why nine of 10, if not every natural redhead you meet as an adult, wear their mane with pride. For all of its benefits, the sun does a on the human skin over time.

The rest of us may not be as susceptible to sunburns and related reactions as a ginger, but eventually, they tend to have the last laugh. Not being able to roll in the sun may be a gross inconvenience now, but that also slows the effect of the aging process on their skin down by years. Need more reasons to date a ginger guy?

Apparently, the same gene, MC1R, responsible for their red hair causes the freckles. Not only are they not a skin disorder, but they are one of the reasons redhe are not our mates. Reports show that this fact has started to grow on even the British, especially among the younger demographic. While facial hair may not have been worth considering if your taste in men covers your English, Irish, and Scottish folks, it certainly should now.

I, personally, am an advocate for a neatly-kept, connected beard on a man. If you are anything like me and have a thing for the English, you can count on his accent being his second sexiest feature if you go for a ginger guy. One of the reasons the ginger hair gene is so rare is that it takes both parents carrying the gene to make a red-haired baby. That means marrying a redhead is no guarantee of a house full of fair-skin, ginger-haired little ones. However, your chances are higher if you have Scottish, Irish, or English ancestry or are related to any of the European countries with a high frequency of ginger hair occurrence.

Even if your ethnicity is nowhere close to the English, if you carry the mutated MC1R gene, you can still have a redhead baby if you marry a guy with similar genetic makeup. Case in point: a ginger guy. From having no soul to being conceived during menstruation, redhe have suffered their share of myths across generations. It goes to show how far humans will go to demonize that which they do not know. Back when the world was still less… enlightened, the pale skin and fiery hue of the redhe got them called vampires and witches, among other ridiculous labels.

With folklore out of the way, another reason you should consider dating a ginger guy is the impeccable sense of style that seems innate in most of them. We have established that an average ginger guy takes care of himself, which is really half the work for looking good.

But in addition, have you seen a ginger guy in a suit lately? Even a pair of tees and sweats that compliments his natural color pops on these guys. Maybe their fashion taste has something to do with ginger people making sure they are a ten on other fronts to compensate for their looks over the years. Maybe not. Not that many of us will admit it, but it is human nature to want to brag about our awesome feats. Dating, for instance, is a golden opportunity to show off your prowess ; men do it, and frankly, so do ladies.

With that in mind, imagine how many more points you could get for landing an eligible bachelor with natural red hair? Even more so if you get one with blue eyes. Sadly, but fortunately for you! The not-so-lucky ones born into communities who treat their kind with prejudice may have some self-image issues. The good news, if we can even call it that, is that this means these guys do not realize how incredibly hot and in-demand they are.

More on the unique factor. What do red hair and left-handedness have in common, you ask? They are both recessive traits, and the thing about those is that they occur in pairs. Therefore, experts suggest that people who carry the red hair gene may be more likely to be lefties. If you believe in trying everything at least once, you should probably brace yourself before applying that philosophy to dating a ginger man.

I could explain reasons to date these guys to you in twice as many points as I already have, but none would work as well as experiencing them for yourself. Reason being that he will most likely ruin other men for you, and I mean this in the best possible way. This is not because of their English affiliations more like despite it since the English are arguably the least romantic in the UK. Rather, these guys are this hot in the dating scene because of the factors that make them up as a whole — genetic makeup, history, lifestyle, etc.

These and more reasons you can only see for yourself are why you should consider dating ginger men, but only if you intend to stay. Ginger is a common nickname for people who naturally have red hair, pale skin, and commonly but not uniquely, freckles. The term ginger may have other meanings in various cultures , but it is generally used to address a male redhead. There is a longstanding stereotype associating redhe with being sexual vixens , as far as reasons go, this is more likely to be why.

Given their genetic rarity they make up only about one to two percent of the world population. Because attractiveness is mostly subjective, there is no single answer to what hair color is more striking. People who generally appreciate dark colors will probably be partial to brunettes, while those who lean towards the fairer hues may find redhe and blondes more attractive.

Ginger men are relatively uncommon in the dating scene , so if you are a sucker for uniqueness, you should totally consider dating one. Now that you are in on the reasons everyone wants to date a ginger guy, what do you think? Are you sold yet, or you still have to see for yourself? Let me know your thoughts on the list as usual and kindly share the article if you enjoyed it. HerNorm is a community-supported website. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through our links.

Learn more. They are not everywhere 1. Sexy accents 1. Easy to spot in a crowd 1. They naturally bring out your caring side 1. They are stronger than they look 1. They often have more than their looks going for them 1. They usually have a great sense of humor 1. Sex 1. Redhe own their color 1. Their skin ages like fine wine 1. Their beard comes out ginger, too 1. You may have ginger babies 1. They are not vampires 1. You can get a life and slay partner in one person 1. Bragging rights 1. Gingers are more likely to be left-handed 1.

What does a ginger guy mean? Why are guys attracted to redhe? Why are gingers so attractive?

Dating a ginger man

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