Enemas for pleasure

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For some people, simply using the bathroom around an hour before their session is enough to put their fears at rest. Some go slightly further, having a thorough wash around the anal entrance, or even using a douche to rinse out just inside their body. Before we start getting into the technical details of what liquids you should use, how often you should use them, or whether you should face east or west while using them, we need to go back to the beginning.

At the very basic level, an enema consists of three parts: a bag, a tube, and a nozzle. The bag carries all of the liquid for your enema and will be suspended in the air at a greater height than your body. The tube s it all together! As you place the bag higher up, gravity does all the work for you and the liquid gradually trickles down the tube into your body. At first it fills up your rectum, and then as you keep going the liquid moves deeper into your body filling up the colon. Once done, you simply pass all of the fluids back out along with all of the leftover bacteria and faecal matter that was left inside your body!

From constipation, to sleep problems, even as far as cancer treatment, various groups are deeply passionate about their reason for using enemas and will tout their benefits to anyone who will listen. This is pretty simple.

When you use the bathroom, nearly all of this will be expelled from the body, but often small remnants are left behind. Using an enema before you start flushes all of these remnants out of your body and mean that whatever anal sex you enjoy should be poop free! A great relief for everyone. Another benefit to using an enema before sex is one often overlooked.

For most people, a little preparation can make the entire experience much easier and in most cases much more enjoyable. While many of us will prepare for our anuses by using a finger or a small sex toy, the act of taking an enema can serve an almost identical purpose! As an enema enters your body, the fluid fills up every nook and cranny of the rectum, gently stretching it further and further. Your enema can be a great little warm up before the main event!

While the basic premise of an enema is simple, put a tube up your butt and wait, there are many techniques and factors that you need to take into consideration if you want the best from your enema. Our first and foremost goal is to achieve a state called peristalsis. This is a state where the muscles along the length of your colon begin to spasm involuntarily.

These spasms cause the fluids inside your colon to begin moving in a wavelike motion towards your rectum and out of your body. The key point here is how we achieve this. When you use a device like an anal douche where you force the water into your body, you will still achieve peristalsis. Rather than forcing the liquid in, when we use an enema we want the liquid to be entering our body slowly and gradually.

As the rectum fills up, the water pressure will gently push the liquid deeper and deeper, eventually filling the entire colon. The main way we accomplish this with an enema is by elevating the liquid bag. Once we get the initial trickle of liquid flowing down the tube, gravity takes care of the rest of the work for us!

The height of the bag in relation to your body can change the speed of the liquid, and many enema kits will come with hooks, so you can hang them at your own preferred height. Even if you stick with the traditional bathroom floor, put a couple of blankets down. Those floors are hard and cold! We want to be relaxed because the muscles from our anus right the way up to our lower intestine can become tense.

This makes it much more difficult for you to actually get the liquid where it needs to go. The most common way people choose to take their enemas is by lying on the floor. Experiment a little and find the spot that works best for you. You might need a little lubrication to get the tube in properly and painlessly, so feel free to use as much as you need.

Once the nozzle is properly situated, open the valve or tap and let the solution begin to move into your body. The key here is to take as much time as you need, only adding small amounts of liquid at a time. It can take a long time for the liquid to completely fill both your rectum and colon, so be patient. This is a common part of the process, and when you begin to feel it you should take a short break of around a minute before continuing.

At times it can be difficult to tell the difference. You need to make sure that you listen to your own body, and at any point if you feel consistent pain then you should stop and let out the liquid. Your colon is a massive organ, framing the entirety of your torso, so getting your enema liquid all the way around it can be quite a challenge! Often people might like to change positions midway through their enemas to ensure the liquid gets to where it needs to be.

Lying on your back is the easiest way to let the liquid flow around as everything is on a roughly even level. The lower part of the colon is on the left-hand side of your body, so raising this by rolling onto your right side can create a natural slope. Another option is to massage your stomach, pushing the liquid around your frame. This is just like you might do if you were bloated, just in the other direction. You might want the best possible enema liquid. So, which should you choose?

You might find yourself going through many of the different kinds of liquids before finding exactly what you want. Each type tends to have its own dedicated fanbase, who are sure that their chosen liquid is the best option. It can sound a little odd, but a coffee enema is exactly what it sounds like. You boil up some regular coffee, let it cool down, then put it in your enema bag and let it fill up your body! There are two main reasons coffee enemas have so much more traction than other kinds: palmitic acid and caffeine.

Both of these chemicals are intended to be absorbed by your body and assist the liver in producing more bile. The bile is added to your colon, and aids in clearing it all out. There are even special brands of coffee which are higher than normal in both caffeine and palmitic acid for the sole purpose of being used in enemas! Common enema liquids include:. Epsom salt enemas Epsom salts are often used to relax muscles and can be taken orally to relax the bowels and help move things along.

Using them in an enema helps your colon draw more water into it, thoroughly cleansing your colon. Milk and molasses enemas These enemas produce a lot of gas in your colon due to their sugary nature. The gas helps move everything along and the mixture is very good at causing peristalsis. They can end up being quite messy though, so having some towels on hand is a good idea. Enemas are exactly the same, and there are several risks involved in the process.

Even so, you should pay close attention to the ingredients found in your enema liquids. Even when everything is being done perfectly, and the liquid contains nothing inherently harmful to you, things still might not be as they seem. The most common reason for this is an ingredient called Senna. This is a simple herb, but when used in enemas it can cause dehydration and diarrhea.

As you have more liquid bowel movements, you become even more dehydrated, leading to a vicious cycle. Long term this can cause you kidney problems or even heart failure. One of the most important considerations you need to make when performing your enema is getting the correct amount of pressure.

Too much pressure being applied directly to your colon is likely to perforate it. This is a serious problem, that will not only require surgery to repair, but could lead you to needing a colostomy bag for the rest of your life. Getting the correct amount of pressure from your enema can be a bit of a challenge. Generally, the higher you hang the bag, the greater the pressure will be.

The ideal result is that the liquid should be flowing consistently down the enema tube, but in a slow and steady fashion. Most of the time getting this balance will require hanging your bag at a height between two and three feet off the ground. You need to experiment a little and might need to lower or raise the bag to get the ideal flow of water through your tube.

The other major danger that you need to consider is the downside to whichever enema liquid you decide to use. Just like anything in life, using anything in moderation will be fine most of the time. For example, using coffee enemas too often can damage your liver due to toxic chemicals found in some types of coffee grain, as well as removing iron from your body and causing a deficiency. Overuse of Epsom salt enemas can cause hypermagnesemia due to the high levels of magnesium found in the salt. A good solution is to alternate, having one enema with the liquid of your choice and then making the next a more traditional water enema.

While they definitely can have their place in a thorough anal cleansing routine, there are inherent risks and dangers to them. One thing you Why should we bother when our bodies do an acceptable job of cleaning itself out? Unfortunately, our bodies The main reason for many of us to use an anal douche is to get our butts clean and empty before we start putting other objects inside them. Is this something we need to do every single day When investigating the world of anal cleansing, there are a few different options available to you.

Many of the people who enjoy anal sex and anal stimulation feel that keeping the whole area clean is a top priority, so turn to anal douching. This process allows them to rinse out the insi Anal douching is generally quite a simple process. Using an anal douche, you push liquid into your rectum to help wash away and debris, bacteria and faecal matter that is left behind after you There are many different ones to choose from, and while many peopl Anal douches are a great way to prepare your body before you plan on having any anal sex.

For some people, simply using the bathroom around an

Enemas for pleasure

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Enemas and the People Who Love Them