Erotic spanking tips

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One makes you want to sprint away like an Olympic contender and call social services. Think of some other bedroom antics that create pain: pulling hair, running nails down the back, biting, etc. And not just physical pain but emotional and social discomfort as well - all for the purpose of re-balancing our bodies and trying to make us feel good again.

One of the key players is dopamine , which is present in the body during pain AND pleasure. Many agree this might be one of the reasons we can combine pain and pleasure in a single situation. It hurts like hell, but, goddamn it, it feels good too! Another fun fact comes from Basic Orgasm …. Sexual peaks are in part achieved when blood flow increases and collects in key hot spots or erogenous zones. The act of spanking can add another element of pleasure because the posterior is plentiful with nerves and right next door to the genitals.

Strikes and slaps send waves and ripples through the skin and stimulate this fun area. There are also emotional and psychological aspects of pain and pleasure. Whether you do this carefully or bluntly depends entirely on you and your ificant other.

Hopefully, your relationship already includes talks about sexual preferences or desires. I wonder what it would be like? Next, comes the ground rules. Healthy BDSM play should always involve respect from both sides. Want some other safe word ideas? Check out this article:. Good Safe Words and Uses in Media. With great spanking comes great responsibility. You need to pay attention to their whole body.

This includes anything that makes the environment and experience as pleasant as possible for both parties including your frame of mind. Nothing pulls someone out of the mood more than Mexican Hat Dance blasting through the room while you're propped against the table with your underwear around your ankles. This means all rings, watches, bracelets, etc. Hitting with those is NOT fun, and nobody wants an imprint of your college football ring on their ass. You might need. Try paddles, floggers, whips, or canes. NOTE: make sure you practice with them ahead of time - on a pillow is best.

You will have to agree on a non-verbal form of a safe word. Anticipation can be just as sexy as the act itself. Learn more here:. What is BDSM? Essential Concepts for Beginners. Will you begin with a hot and heavy make-out session on the sofa or grab them by the hair, pin them to the table, and go straight to business? Do you prefer the comfort of the bedroom or is the coffee table a sexy spot? Maybe restraints are on the menu. Whether bent over furniture, on the bed, or over your knee - anywhere is acceptable as long as both of you are comfortable and the spanker can reach key areas with ease pillows are great for propping things up and giving support.

Different positions will stretch or relax the skin, making each slap a different sensation. We should always warm up before exercising, and the same goes for spanking. Begin with light caresses, kisses, or a massage. This will get the blood flowing, skin ready, and muscles relaxed, which is essential to a pleasant experience.

Always, ALWAYS, keep to the "meatiest" part of the bum the lower part - anywhere else risks damage and can be considered outside the "safe, sane, and consensual" rule. There are a couple areas away from the golden zone that are acceptable, but you should never spend too much time there, be extra cautious, and avoid using too much power. See the picture below for a better idea. Punishment Spankings not your cup of tea? Get other ideas here:. Open palm with fingers together, open palm with fingers spread, cupped hand, fists.

These are shallow strikes felt on the surface of the skin which come from fast movements confined to a small area. These burn and can leave behind lines and welts if you do it hard enough. Toys can include canes, braided floggers, or anything that adds to velocity. These are deeper strikes over a wider area and the opposite of stings. They ripple right through the muscles but may leave bruises that last longer. Accomplished by: heavier paddles, mop floggers, thick straps, or the palm of your hand.

Strikes can be mixed up with caressing, tickling, pinching, scratching , or my personal favorite grabbing a handful of ass right after a strike. Some paddles have a soft side you can run along the skin. Try a rabbit fur flogger their softness alone is orgasmic. We can make all the jokes we like about percussion instruments, but spanking the derriere can be like playing the drums.

Work with fast and slow strikes to change things and keep your partner on their toes or back…or knees. See what garners a positive reaction. They might exclusively prefer soft slaps, or they could revel in deep thuds. Some people enjoy a mix. Things can also change session to session. But never forget to close the scene with some aftercare. Was it your first time or are you a veteran? What is a big session or a brief one? What kind of care you deliver depends entirely on the kind of session you just had.

Maybe they need some water, a bit of chocolate, some aloe vera, or muscle cream. You now have the know-how and tools to go forth and fill the world with pink bottoms. If you have any fun spanking situations, I'd love to hear more in the comments section below. I know she likes it hard and to bruising i have not achieved btuising yet.

Thank you for this i thought there was something i was missing but no i see my strikes must ne more precise I'm a Prostate cancer survivor. Changes in my life have led us to be a bit more open to other types of play. I'd love to discuss this further with you. Any questions find their way to me at [ protected]. Also a prostrate cancer survivor here and I love it when my wife Robin spanks me. It is great for our 44 year long and going strong marriage. Only spanking for a year. Do you think I can find leather paddles, tawses etc.

I need a good spanking. Nobody wants to do it for me. Any ideas, me at; [ protected]. I love spanking my wife. We have an entire collection of toys. She always says she does not like it, but she always agrees to it when I order it and of course the sex afterwards is the best. I think neuroscience will explain why. Although I don't comprehend the whole thing at the moment. By any means, is there mathematics hidden here? A functional relationship between intensity of spanking and strength of orgasm. Some women find admitting to spanking a bit bizarre. However, I define that as a heavy form of impact play.

What will happen if a dom orders the sub to cut a switch? This is key. I strongly argue that the difference is mainly psychological. For the basics are the same, or nearly the same. If anyone is in to the kink, I strongly suggest one thing. Start at level 0 this is the tester part. Then if it is okay, move on to level 1. Then if it is okay, move on to level 2.

And so on. NEVER start at level 10, for example. That is going to hurt like hellfire. I love to spank, but I don't have anyone who will do it. Anu tips on self-spanking? Also I don't have access to anything but household items. There's self-flogging and that sort of thing. I prefer a lady to paddle me, or use a belt for more severe, and a switch for most severe. I like the ladies to tell me I've been a bad boy and make me count the of strokes. I believe sex should only be in marriage. Spanking is allowed though and I enjoy the way my wife does it. I am an older woman and would like try spanking.

Maybe during a massage but don't know where to look in San Antonio. I'm curious as to what kind of physical aftercare that might help potential bruising or minor skin irritation that comes with spanking. Aloe cream is a good one.

It should be a part of any after-care kit. Arnica is a herb for swelling and irritation. Comfrey cream is another possibility. Massaging the bruises helps to break up the blood trapped under the skin that causes the discoloration. It can be uncomfortable to massage a sore spot of the body so I suggest holding your partner close to you and using reassuring language while giving a thorough rubdown.

Why is it so hard for a sixty-four-year-old gentleman to find a lady friend who will give spankings and other forms of domestic discipline on a regular basis for behavior modification and ability I would love an LTR, Ive tried many dating sites but no luck anybody have any suggestions. Dating sites are the worst place, probability wise. Yet I understand using them because I live in a small, conservative town. You have to contact and reject hundreds.

I suggest being subtle in your profile, but direct enough that there is no question to your intentions. They will come. My husband and I want to spice up our marriage a bit, and were thinking of getting some spanking paddles. Your article had great tips for doing something like this, and I liked how you said we should both agree on a safe word that will work as a al if the rough play needs to stop. Thanks; well. IIm completely new to this, yet a very willing participant.

I have a bubble bottom that can definitely absorb a good paddling, but itits been so long I dondont know what its like or how Id react to it.

Erotic spanking tips

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Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior