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Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? Mobile Site Advanced Search. Thread: Forced Fem and Humiliation? Advanced Search. Forced Fem and Humiliation? I have never experienced or had a strong desire for humiliation but I have had a strong desire for forced fem. Really if my wife would force fem me I would be in heaven. That is such a strong desire. I was wondering what the difference really is from being forced fem and humiliation?

What degree of separation is there between the two activities? Jerome Cummings. Its an interesting topic. If you are 'forced' that you dont have to take reponsibility for your actions CDing. Perhaps this is true, perhaps not - its just what Ive read.

Im not trying to be judgmental. Luv and Hugs, Patti Remick. Finally, Something I know. As she still went out to her mothers every couple of weeks I continued to dress and stashed my stuff in the attic. One day when I came home from work she called me upstairs and all my finery was laid out on the bed.

She was always a wee bit DOM and this opened things up. Her son spent every other weekend away, so I was required to be clean shaven, and wore only feminine attire whenever the opportunity was there. I was her maid, cook, slave, and anything else she desired.

During the next 2 years I acheived quite a wardrobe. We were also into bondage and light punishment, if the make up was not up to par, corset not tight enough, snagged hose, shoes not polished properly, if she wanted to spank, she would find a reason.

I was always under femmed unless at work. As soon as I arrived home I would shower and my clothes would be laid out for me. Wore womens clothes out rarely. There was no humiliation, the desire for that comes from low self esteem, the desire to perform it comes from arrogance. A little slap and tickle can be a fun thing. It is a loving experience. We split up when she forced the line of acceptable practices to move.

Don't know if I could give myself up to anyone like that again. I learned how to do make-up, do my own hair, and be stylish in my clothing choices. So I guess it was worth it. Just remember that forced FEM can lead to more than you planned on, even if the ground rules are laid out. Hope this helped some. Originally Posted by switcheralso. Originally Posted by Patti Remick. I've never experienced "forced fem" but think it would be exciting and allow myself to exhibit my submissivness regarding CD'ing. Maybe someday it will happen Originally Posted by mykhelee.

Last edited by Raquel June; at PM. I have "Exciting"fantasies about it, but judging from my almost automatic strongly negative responses in RL situations concerning family and friends attempting aspects of forced fem on me trying to put lipstick on me, etc over the years, I Think that is something that I really DO NOT want to happen. Interesting on how our fantasies may not always conform to our real desires. Originally Posted by Marina Twelve.

I just wanted to be, and I was humiliated over it. To this day I can't reconcile why I was abused for just being me. Sorry Huggles Toni-Lynn. I stand on guard for thee! She is my mistress. All that being said, I am NOT into forced fem; I like to dress, and get off on dressing not being "made" to dress. Although, I like dressing as a "maid" LOL. I do, however, enjoy humiliation, which comes in many forms, none of which have to do with dressing as a female.

For example, my mistress may make fun of me in front of the group, sometimes in public, about my attitude, attire male , or the dreaded penis size issue!!! Now, that may seem harsh, mean, horrible to most folks, but, within our femdom relationship, it is part of our "scene". Forced fem for some guys is the mother of all humilation tactics. Being forced to dress as a female is very humilating for them. I have a very good freind within the group, who is VERY masculine and he sometimes "swithces" or plays the sub role not the dominate role. When they switch, he loves to be forced feminized.

It puts him in a very submissive place, which he enjoys. Jaquelyn and Stephanie are very good freinds, however, they are very different girls. Jaquelyn is open and bubbly. Stephanie is very quiet and reserved because she is being humiated by being brought out I hope that helps to explain some of the subtle differences and please, if you have any questions about the lifestyle, please feel free to ask. I willingly submit to it. Just "feminization" would be a better term. In fact, my desire to crossdress was re-awakened after several years dormancy when my wife got it in her mind to feminize me one day just lipstick and panties.

To be honest, I probably dropped a hint or two ly that I might enjoy something like that. There was no turning back after that. I suppose there are just varying degrees of how "forced" it really is in your little game. For example, the OP is talking about barely-forced feminization where someone is trying to turn you into a girl without going all BDSM with it. That really doesn't have much of a humilation component to it. Would love it, but my wife does not approve of my dressing. She caught me one morning and almost went balliistic. I wish she could be more free in her thinking.

Good post. The thought of forced dressing from a sexual side is great, but I don't think will happen here although I dress most of the time at home. But the other day when planning a week away in November my wife said it would be easier if I stayed dressed for the whole week My heart was pumping like mad. Now that is exciting. Stevie B. Since I like being in feminine attire, forced feminization doesn't make sense for me personally and certainly it isn't humiliation for me.

On the other hand, asked to put on maid's attire, which I would gladly do, but then made to work a whole day as maid would be a humiliation to me because I dislike those tasks. I wanted to post a follow up to my comments, principally because this topic elicts deep feelings. I do have to begin by stating that I do understand that such play can give a person quite a rush, and I say this because I know that what we as CDers do is very psychological. Hey, I get off on the whole psychological aspect of mixing up the genders. For me, while forced femme is icky because of past hurts, I do enjoy 'persuasive femme'.

By that I mean, play that involves stuf like 'You need to wear a bra. As far as humiliation goes, my main objection is because it links femininty with inferiority, sees it as something that is humiliating. Nothing about being feminine or girly is humiliating in my mind, regardless of what is between your legs! To me the beauty of the love I share with my wife is based on total equality and a desire to give of one's self to the other.

Huggles Toni-Lyn.

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