Forced orgasm play

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It is important to understand that forced orgasms are a part of the BDSM scene and are consensual in the sense that the parties involved have willingly agreed to the act. Due to the very nature of the act, a forced orgasm is also called Consensual Non-Consent. If you enjoy BDSM, taking a shot at forced orgasm can be fruitful. In the forced orgasm scene, there is a dominant partner and a submissive partner.

The submissive partner gives up control over their own orgasms, which is then handled by the dominant partner. Orgasms are considered to be an involuntary reaction. Which means given enough stimulation, any person will orgasm, whether they want to, or not. Forced orgasms are different than involuntary orgasms. Forced orgasms mean that both parties have an explicit understanding and are consenting, willing parties. An involuntary orgasm, however, is a violation that may happen to victims of sexual assault or rape.

Forced orgasm scene is a kink that requires preparation. Simply having partners take on roles of a dominant and submissive is not enough. You will also need some bondage equipment to keep the submissive in control. The submissive can be either male or female, however the female as submissive is more common, given that there are more ways to play this kink with a female submissive. At its simplest, the forced orgasm play is a battle of wits between the dominant and the submissive. The dominant stimulates the submissive with the ultimate goal of bringing them to an orgasm.

Of course, the dominant will win eventually, but the battle of wits on how to force orgasm is what makes this more appealing. Sometimes, the dominant may deny an orgasm to the submissive. This is achieved by continuously bringing the submissive close to orgasm, but then denying them that orgasm. If the submissive has been directed to request for permission before they orgasm, believe me, they will start begging for the orgasm very soon. The technique is deeply primal, and the desire to orgasm will grow extremely strong in the submissive partner.

While the dominant may continue to deny orgasms for whatever time period they prefer, their ultimate goal is to force orgasm on the submissive. In some instances, the dominant may choose to eventually allow the submissive to orgasm.

However, they may also decide to follow with multiple forced orgasms. Pretty soon, the submissive who was earlier requesting to orgasm will start begging to be stopped from more orgasms. During forced orgasm scenes, the submissive is usually tied up to limit their movement.

This is important simply because as the orgasm starts to build up, the submissive partner may find it way too difficult to control themselves and choose to masturbate by themselves to have an orgasm. You can use custom gear or simple, silken ties to hold the submissive partner into place. If you are experienced enough, you can bring in more props like whips and canes. Another great trick is to use blindfolds on the submissive, creating an element of mystery, and thus heightening other senses of your partner. Wand vibrators are usually a favorite, especially powerful vibrators like the Magic Wand Original.

The vibrator is used to stimulate the clitoris, bringing her to the point of orgasm several times. And each time, the orgasm is denied. The magic wand is quick, powerful, and when the time is right, it will bring on a very strong and satisfying orgasm. You may also use your fingers, or perform cunnilingus to get her going. If the submissive is a male, the same task is handled by employing blowjobs and handjobs. You may use the vibrator on the male submissive too, though its effect will likely be less than that on females.

However, the sensation of pleasure is unmistakable. If the dominant is aiming for multiple orgasms, it is best to have the female as the submissive. Most guys are not capable of having multiple orgasms, and those that can, usually need to have a small break between orgasms.

Most women are capable of multiple orgasms through clitoral stimulation. Some may need time after an orgasm, so playing the multiple orgasm scene may not work best. Before you start off, have a serious conversation with your partner on how to have a forced orgasm. You will need to set up ground rules. Decide how far it is okay to go, and when it is time to stop. Having a safe word and gesture is also important, so the partners can know when to reel themselves back or to end the play. Similarly, set limits on the language to be used as well.

The dominant or submissive person may exchange words during the forced orgasm act, and some dirty talking could be employed. The idea stays the same — you will deny yourself an orgasm, while continuously reaching it and repeating the cycle. You will eventually orgasm because the primal needs of the body take over, forcing you to complete the orgasm and masturbation. The buildup and the eventual release for a forced orgasm are amazing. Forced orgasm as a play is intense and requires the submissive person to put themselves deeply in the power of the dominant person.

It goes beyond physical aspects like bondage and takes on a deeper tone with the control over orgasms. Set up rules, and make the best of the intense forced orgasm play. My Dom had me orgasm over and over, one right after another, for three hours. Each time we are together he increases the length of time he makes me have multiple orgasms. We have to used denial or props of any kind yet. Notify me of follow-up comments by . Notify me of new posts by . What Is A Forced Orgasm?

Props And Bondage In Forced Orgasm During forced orgasm scenes, the submissive is usually tied up to limit their movement. Forced Orgasm — Conclusion The buildup and the eventual release for a forced orgasm are amazing. SubSmiles Reply.

Forced orgasm play

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