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As many know, the genetic origin of the incredibly strong incest taboo that crosses all cultures is based on the fact that breeding between siblings causes a very high rate of birth defects. I only had a sister, and I feel the incest taboo with her incredibly strongly and I am sure the feeling is mutual. What about same sex siblings when one or more of the siblings is gay?

Do they feel the incest taboo as strongly? Genetically, it is irrelevant for homosexuals, but it wouldn't surprise me if that taboo is so strongly wired in us that it would be as strong, or nearly as strong, but I am not sure. There is also the issue of the role of genetics in creating homosexuals, and the more than average occurrence of twins who are both gay. When both siblings are gay twins, again, does the incest taboo come into play? The incest taboo works on siblings you were brought up with.

So if you are separated from your biological sister just after birth the taboo doesn't apply. Equally it does apply to foster siblings you were brought up with. Supposedly on Israeli kibbutzim, studies have been conducted which show that children who are raised with each other over the first years of their lives, are much more unlikely than statistically expected to become romantically involved or married later, whether they are biologically related or not.

Based on Freud's study of taboo, he concluded that this tendency led to complex early tribal social rules in some parts of human society which required people to marry outside their clan. I don't think a certain amount of youthful curiousity and experimentation 'playing doctor' is what is really at issue here, though- that's more or less part of a normal childhood. In western gay culture, "brother porn" is somewhat common. I think often they aren't real brothers, but the fact that the fantasy sells says something.

I have never heard of brother-sister porn, I am sure everything sick and twisted exists in the world, but I doubt it is at all popular. The few instances I heard of involved same-sex behavior of siblings who later, usually, married the opposite sex. Many years ago I was taking some curious straight friends around the night sights of Patpong. We visited girl gogo's, boy gogo's and katoey bars. I won't defile the board with what they did together.

From early childhood the children comforted and supported each other, they ran away together as very young teenagers, lived together, also as young teenagers they became intimate and in adulthood they lived as a couple, had two lovely children luckily both children were physically and intellectually OK. Some interesting case studies there.

Am I wrong in feeling that a long term brother-sister relationship is more scandalous than a long term same sex sibling relationship? I think this is the case for most people, even though for many homosexuality in itself is a taboo. My half-brother same mother, different father was the first guy i kissed, the first i fell in love with and the first i had actual sex with.

And it was him who started it at the tender age of 12 i was 14 after seeing some pr0n that he found in our mum's!! We were like boyfriends for well over two years but we didn't live together, he lived with mum and my half-sister while i lived with my father and continued to "meet" every then and when for several more years while he had a girlfriend he's bisexual and i had a real boyfriend Now-a-days he is married to that same woman and her brother, who is gay and used to be my hairdresser, lives with them You wanna bet By the way seems to run in the family - three children from three different fathers, me gay, brother bi, sister lesbian In addition to having heard about Thanh's half-brother, I knew of numerous teens who went through a gay period, including with their same-sex siblings.

My ex-wife and I each knew of examples of straight sibling incest in high income neighborhoods. A post has been deleted and a warning issued. I would remind our members again that the specifics of access to prostitution most definitely including details of personal experiences of such are not permitted topics of discussion on Thaivisa. Off topic a bit but I guess worth sharing, I started a high school break job when I was about 16 years old and at that age, like all kids, I was highly curious and naive about sex, etc.

I quickly learned that one of the permanent male staff, I guess he was 19, was not allowed to visit his girlfriend on one specific night of the week, because that was the night her father screwed her whilst her mother watched. I told my parents about what I had learned I had always been brought up to discuss anything with my parents. It wasn't until years later that I realized my parents had made a very quick excuse to depart the dining room and huddle to discuss then quickly return to the dining room and say something, together, like 'well some people do things like that but it's not really normal'.

They they changed the subject but emphasised that we should always discuss anything. What I also discovered later was that the young man concerned came from a family where the same activities were common, therefore he thought it was 'normal' whatever 'normal' means , and he regularly had sexual activity with his several brothers. Growing up in Laguna Beach California I had a summer affair with two drop-dead beautiful twins who were in show business and the modeling business and the only sex in which they would participate as a three-some.

I also had an affair with my beautiful brother for a summer and on and off thereafter. He is also gay. We ceased our meetings when he moved to Argentina and I to Thailand. In either case, there seemed to be absolutely no guilt. He is now married to a well-known male Hollywood personality as I am to a beautiful male Hongese. Another neighbour explained it by saying he hadn't had much education. I wonder what the particular course he missed was called. I met a Thai lad in London who suggested I meet his brother. We hooked up together in KL - turned out they are identical twins and simply enjoyed entertaining at home together.

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Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 30, PeaceBlondie 53 Posted January 31, Posted January 31, I know of cases where blood brothers and stepbrothers did it. And sisters. Ijustwannateach Posted January 31, Jingthing Posted January 31, I am sure everything sick and twisted exists in the world, Posted February 3, I'm an old man, in my lifetime I've come across the following: - Four sons of one western family all of the sons of the family gay and in their teens and twenties years had gay sex regularly in couples, threesome and foursomes, not sure of the picture today.

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