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Me and my boyfriend hadnt done anything sexual since i just got off my period the day before. He was over for a "study date " which carried on for almost a week. We were laying down on the couch when i started geting horney. My dad was in the dinning room and my brother was about 10 inches away, so i pulled him into my room for a little private fun! I locked my door quietly then shoved him on my bed, I noticed he already had a boner. I laied next to him while he stuck his hand down my pants and asked if it was alright if he did it.

I nodded as i reached behind and unhooked my bra. I pulled my shirt up as he shoved his finger in my pussy. He starts to suck on my nipple and it felt so amazing that he made me moan. He starts to kiss down my stomach and then pulled off my pants. He licked it once as if he didnt know what to do or as if he was scared. Then he licked it twice then a third time then he just went at it as if he was eating a piece of pie. Trying not to moan in pleasure for my dad to hear. The next day I went over to his house to help him with his homework, again it got really hot and horney. As always, I unhooked my bra and lifted my shirt.

This time he just went down on me and ate me out without me even telling him to, it shocked me at first. He came up and laied next to me staring into my eyes. I swung myself on top of him, he tried to push me down but i refused. I got nervous quickly, I didnt know what to do. Should i blow him or wait a little longer. Well waiting a little longer wasnt somehting he was okay with. So i laied next to him once more and gave him a handjob. He then took his pants off for me to continue on.

I laied back on top of him. This time i kissed down his stomach. I first looked at it as if i didnt know what to do. I licked the shaft and made a circular motion with my tounge on the tip of his dick. He wanted to watch me blow him but i refused.

I licked the tip again, I still had gum in my mouth as i blew him. I could tast something salty, I then realized it was sperm. Thinking at first that it was going to be difficult,but it was actully quiet easy. Now since then i bought a couple of condoms just in case we fuck! This content appeared first on new sex story. This story Studying and getting horney appeared first on newsexstory.

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Horney stories

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