How to ravish a woman

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My specialty is helping couples bring back the passion in their relationship and using fantasy is one way of achieving this. The fantasy of being ravished, being lovingly, yet forcefully taken by her man is consistently in the top five female fantasies, often the one fantasy. However, as revealed in the always popular romance novels, the fantasy of a strong, powerful man initiating sex with a woman, not accepting her initial reluctance, and then loving her passionately, is a popular fantasy.

However, this initial chemistry fades over time and we need to take steps to reignite it! Polarity comes from strong masculine energy meeting strong feminine energy. Just like the positive and negative terminals of a battery create electricity, so will the masculine and feminine interact to create PASSION!

Now each of us, male and female have an inner masculine and an inner feminine and either sex can express either aspect. Perhaps that is enough to begin your journey. I also happen to have large hands no euphemism here. Perhaps there is part of each woman who wants to have her heart ravaged open, even more than her body? Now on the flip side, there are times when a man enjoys his partner initiating sex in a more dominant and aggressive way as well. Being stuck in ANY role will ultimately diminish passion. We need to mix it up.

Do men want to be ravished? Rawlings on September 27, at pm except you are trying to romanticize a word that is not romantic in origin or context at all unless you are describing it as your response to art or music. To seize and carry away by force. To force another to have sexual intercourse; rape. To overwhelm with emotion; enrapture. See Synonyms at enrapture. Theresa, Thanks for your well-considered thoughts. Words have power, no doubt. Exploring words has the potential for liberating us from their power and even possibly creating empowerment.

The dictionary also has more updated definitions for ravish which may reflect this. When not explored, a phantasy can take on more of the shadow energy, which in much of what you have described. And, yes, thanks for clarifying your take on the BDSM community, that education is way beyond the scope of this small article.

Take care, Adam Sheck. I want to be taken care of! I appreciate a very masculine man!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. And, it might be interesting to reverse the role and push through your discomfort every once in a while. Grab the bull by the horn! Adam Sheck. I am a fan of fantasy novels, and yes, your analysis is quite true for me. I find ravishing a turn-on. Although I find it hot, is it normal? I want to be ravished. I enjoy being submissive to give my hubby the feeling of dominance since I generally wear the pants in our relationship.

Whitney, Thanks so much for sharing your truth in this. Rice as well. Wish you the best, Adam Sheck. So to evolve into more love why not?! It goes both ways — one to ravish and one to receive the ravishing — either being the woman or the man — the important thing is that passion is involved in the ravishing of each other…. Hi Adam, As usual, I appreciate your articles and insight. As a female, absolutely yes, I love the idea of being ravished. You are correct that this is different from a rape fantasy, but even in those, because they are misconstrued, there is still the element of the potential of a happy ending the man wants me So much he must have me — hence the misunderstanding.

One would need a very involved and deep understanding of the community that is BDSM, and also understand the varied and differing elements and beliefs of what each means, also understanding that while definitions are very individual they are still accepted by the rest of the community even when their own definition differs. Considering ravishment in relation to these terms is an entirely different subject, best addressed by those who are truly in and practice the lifestyle i. Susan, Thanks so much for contributing your thoughts and feelings to this conversation, I appreciate them and you. Thank Adam for writing this article!!

Jennifer, So happy you enjoyed the piece. Hope your husband gets with the program! I know that is not precisely what the article is about but you did make some references. As an aspiring writer myself I often draw on personal experience. I am a larger woman, and the fact that my husband can move me and get me right where he wants me is titillating. He makes me feel small, in a wonderful way, not emotionally of course. Feminism is a wonderful thing, but so is being feminine.

I also like that you examine the evolutionary processes behind these desires. Too many humans separate themselves from the animal instincts within. I have some very strong personal beliefs regarding this. If more people saw themselves as animals I think there would be less infidelity. Alicia, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this post as well as your experience. What a great subject to explore, Dr. I love what David Deida has to say about the idea of a woman wanting to be ravished……….

Requiring bliss-forceful heart surrender despite all boundaries and fear….. Thanks again for the great post! Blessings, gratitude and love:. Stephanie, Thanks so much for sharing your perspective on this fascinating and highly charged issue. I appreciate you and your comments. There are records of charges brought against men in both armies for rape, and those guilty parties were executed. Much of the horrendous behavior recorded in that war was a result of individual colonists seeking retribution against other colonists for personal wrongs committed you burn down my house, I burn down yours.

Naadah, You are certainly an erudite person and I welcome your commentary. Yes, it is good to understand both the etiology of words as well as their present meanings, as language is so critical in our lives. I look forward to hearing both your knowledge AND your perspective on these issues. Thank you, Dr. Theresa M. Rawlings on September 27, at pm.

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How to ravish a woman

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How To Confidently Ravish A Woman In The Bedroom