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With so many people using Kik Messenger across the globe, you are liable to encounter every color from the spectrum, so to say. One of the great things about Kik is its open-style platform that creates uninhibited channels of communication. After all, increased connectivity is one of the primary goals of social media and instant messaging apps. With that being said, and just like your everyday life away from the mobile screen, precautions should be taken. As happens with other instant messaging apps, or various varieties of social media, certain folks are just up to no good.

They are looking for an unaware user from whom they can take an easy buck or, perhaps worse, personal information from a mobile device. The best way to protect yourself is to inform yourself of the types of scams and the tell-tale s that you are communicating with a scammer. With an arsenal of information, you are set to beware of Kik scams. Like the various types of scoundrels in everyday life and business, scammers vary in form and reason. Generally speaking, there are two types of scammers. The first type of scammer is an automated, script-directed internet bot.

Bots are not the pure evil of the Internet, however. Many reputable companies and persons create bots to carry out repetitive tasks, such as answering customer service inquiries. Chatbots intending for scams, though, obviously come with bad intentions. They also wear different masks. One of the most common scamming chatbots solicits porn sites. Here are some common characteristics of the style of porn bot communications:. But be smart. If the username is freely offering intimate pictures to you — a complete stranger — then you are draped in red flags.

Another type of bot will try to seduce you with various types of so-called exclusive offers. The next step in the exclusive offer bot is to get down to business. The exclusive offer bot will typically send an image link that will take you away from Kik. If someone was to click on the image link, then he or she would be directed to a third-party website. Another type of scamming bot is a game bot. Now, before I continue about the game bot, it should be said that Kik has recently opened up a bot store.

As long as you are communicating with a bot that you know from the Kik bot store, then things should be fine. The game bots can come in different forms. Other times, however, game bots can appear as an attractive boy or girl. One such instance was specifically documented in a report on online dating fraud published by security expert Symantec.

Suppose a cute girl contacts a user on an instant messaging app. Apart from the fact that this rarely ever happens in the world outside digital reality, the red flag here is the link at the bottom. Once again, the scamming bot is trying to get the user out of the instant messaging platform and into a third-party site that is controlled by the scammers. Once the user clicks on the link, the story repeats itself. s or profiles are necessary, personal details must be provided, and more than likely credit card information would be requested. Other types of scams are organized and executed by individuals.

Their intentions are usually manipulation, i. They can come in the form of a tragic story in some far away country — here they would probably be asking you for money. Individual scammers will also try to get you to visit websites, just as the bots do.

These could be websites for porn, exclusive offers, games, you name it. The real difference here is that you are dealing with an actual human, not an automated program; therefore, this scenario is predictably more dangerous than the bots. When talking with strangers on Kik or any instant messaging platform, always have your guards up, just as you would on the street. Just like in real life, the comings and goings apart from your mobile device, scammers are everywhere on instant messaging apps.

But just as scammers are preying on the uninformed, good people are able and available to communicate. Also share this post on Facebook, Twitter or over . One possible way to verify who he says he is would be to ask him to video chat where he holds up an ID, and a with his Kik username. That way you can check out everything.

Kik gift cards

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