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Adult Time. As niche as it may sound, medical porn is not as uncommon as one would assume. Even though it is nowhere as popular as its many other fetish counterparts, the medical fetish encapsulates enough practices and to warrant forums, channels, and views in the multi-millions.

Simply put, someone with a medical fetish is sexually aroused by one or more common practices within the medical sphere. Some people find themselves aroused by medical equipment and medical environments. Even fake gynecological exams or just the idea of being with a practitioner is enough to get people going. Some themes within medical fetish porn are relatively mainstream, too. Take nurse-play as an example. Seeing sexy nurse costumes is a guarantee on Halloween and at costume parties.

Other medfet niches are way more involved, which gatekeeps them from the general population. Gyno porn and doctor examination porn are fabulous examples of this. Aside from medical exam porn and nurse play, there are more avenues for exploring medical fetish. As mentioned above, the medfet fetish is a very broad and overarching category encapsulating everything from roleplay to actual medical practices.

So by no means do I recommend starting your medical fetish journey re-enacting procedures. By no means is this a complete list——consider it an intro for beginners. Of all the medfet niches, this one is the most popular and beginner-friendly. Doctor or nurse play is, at its most basic level, when partners dress in medical garb and act out roles for sexual pleasure. Whatever happens after that, whether it le to penetration, examination, or any other outlet for sexual expression, is completely up to the people involved. This is the act of playing out the roles of doctor and patient. There are levels to this.

Partners can approach it as a very light form of roleplay involving very minimal penetration or they could go deeper by incorporating medical-grade tools and BDSM restraints. The route you and your partner take with this should be predetermined—— consent is key! When acted out among two consenting adults, this can be a fun and freeing take on an otherwise dreaded experience. Gyno-fetishists play out the roles of a gynecologist and patient and perform fake exams while sometimes using real medical equipment.

Vitale herself admitted that once she participated in the fetish she totally understood the intrigue. This fetish allows for freedom from that. Intimate examinations are also referred to as medical exam porn. These roleplays are similar to gyno sex fantasies. The only difference is how it is acted out. Similar to gyno sex, real tools and roleplay can be involved. A good way to begin zeroing in on the perfect tool is to figure out what your partner is most comfortable with. Steel and silicone feel completely different, and medical-grade tools can feel somewhat imposing in the beginning.

If your partner does feel most comfortable using non-medical grade tools to start with, finding silicone or plastic toys that mimic the look of medical toys is your best bet. Then you can work your way up to steel tools in the future. What was once considered a treatment administered only by professionals a couple of times a year at most has now become an easy and accessible pastime for medical porn. While enema fetishists are pretty much self-explanatory, anal fetishists have a lot more wiggle room for exploration.

Anal toys should be deed with a body and lube -safe material like silicone and its base must be broader than its head. No pleasure from a randomly inserted accessory is worth a trip to the ER. Anal douches, bidets, and plugs are all options to be used. Your remote, flashlight, shampoo bottle, and hairbrush are not.

Supplementary to that, instead of using nylon rope or silk handcuffs, a lot of the BDSM toys will be swapped out for hospital-grade gear. Think straitjackets, ambulatory restraints, latex gloves, leather mitts, speculums, vacuum pumps——the list goes on. If you feel like you need to see it in action or want some roleplay ideas, exposing yourself to medical porn might be helpful.

Listed below are the best sites for medfet porn. Adult Time is basically the Netflix of medical exam porn movies. Expect to find fantastic, award-winning original content, as well as popular titles from studios like Vixen, xConfessions, FemJoy, and more. Want to spice it up? Want to slow it down to something a bit softer? The possibilities are endless and so are the films!

FemDom Empire makes the list because of its stunning variety of fetishes and kinks. From a human ashtray to body bag, oral servitude, and of course, edging and orgasm denial, this website has it all. Featuring award-winning performers and dommes like fan-favorite Riley Reid, Adriana Chechik, and Ariana Marie, you can be sure that FemDom will deliver on quality.

Forget scouring the web for four-minute clips of your desired kink and subscribe to FemDom now! Browse through the extensive roleplay and fantasy scenes to see the most ripped doctors and patients in action, and take home full-length DVDs and features in high resolution. And then get back to us. This site is completely dedicated to alternative style and tattooed models and was founded by performer Joanna Angel.

The Burning Angel site alone, however, is home to over videos. The site also offers over 70 and over models to choose from. Recognize the names likes Abella Danger or Bree Daniels? Gyno porn lovers rejoice! This site will be your new go-to for all things sticky, fetish, and kink because it has a whole lot of everything. The options to choose either straight, gay, or both before you even enter the site makes browsing for what you want a breeze. As you might have assumed from the name, Kink. The most impressive thing about the videos is that they all run at least 45 minutes long.

Most of them run at full feature-length. Kink also offers VR, allowing you to truly engross yourself in the experience. Users can also purchase lingerie and toys of all different values directly through the Kink store. This is truly your one-stop-shop for all things kink and medical fetish! House of Taboo is all things kink and medical fetish. The search specs are a little strange, in all honesty. There are no delineating filters because all the content falls under the same category.

Kink and fetish, what you see is what you get! There is an advanced search bar that you can use for specific keywords. So dedicated to the craft, House of Taboo uplo new content frequently. This is also one of the only sites to offer a lifetime membership. I would recommend taking advantage of the three-day trial at 33 cents per day to determine if this is the site for you. If quality kink and taboo topics are your things, then House of Taboo just might be for you. PinkLabel has established itself as one of the heavy hitters in medfet content.

Comprised of queer, trans, POC, seniors, and people with disabilities, PinkLabel clearly understands porn markets go beyond the stereotypes. The premium membership includes a curated collection of hundreds of titles, unlimited access, and a permanent streaming library. And, let me tell you, Evil Angel does it well. Vivid is one of the most unique sites on this list.

The site also hosts over 90 celebrity sex tapes. The home opens up to a slideshow banner advertising top celeb tapes, followed by organized . What I love about this site is its ever-growing library of content. Since it has been around for nearly 40 years, its library hosts all sorts of quality videos. Depending on the year filmed, you can sift through HD, 4K, and home-movie resolutions.

As you probably assumed, this is a great spot for vintage porn classics! On top of having a library spanning more than three decades, the site offers many bonus features. Vivid hosts a live cam network, and dating website, VividHookups. Dubbed as one of the best gay porn sites on the internet, Men. Included in your Men.

This makes pinpointing your most-desired content a breeze. All the models on site are exactly as described, too. The Daily Dot may receive a payment in connection with purchases of products or services featured in this article. Beck Diaz is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn New York. Best Medical Porn Sites. Visit Site. Hot House. Burning Angel. House of Taboo.

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Medical fetish sites

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