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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Masturbation: Mutual - Watching - Caught. I have a thing about mutual masturbation and would like to hear your stories. I like being watched while masturbating and watching her masturbate. Also, have you ever been caught masturbating or caught someone else - would love to hear what happened. My introduction to female masturbation was when I was 17 age of consent in NZ is She was a married mum of two and she was 10 years older than me and the hottest MILF around.

About 5'7", slim, sexy legs, slim waist and perky tits. After a brief affair, she kicked him out which left us to be together at will. She had no long term plans for us, she just liked the idea of fucking a young stud. On this particular night, she had put the kids to bed, we had been fooling around naked on the bed, and somehow the conversation came around to masturbation.

Of course "I didn't do that" I am "a man". She assured me it was OK and quite normal. She asked if I ever masturbated over her before we started making love. I admitted I was excited after seeing her in a one piece swim suit.

I was an adult swimming teacher. She admitted that she fantasized about me from the first time she met me. Then she started relating what happened the first day she met me. The kids were with their grandparents, hubby at work. She said she showered and put on a G-String and shear bra. She told me she fantasized about me seeing her in her sexy lingerie. Albeit in the story she was in lingerie and we were naked. I was sitting up leaning on the head board and she was to my left and I had my left arm around her. So I could clearly see what she was doing.

My POV was of her hand rubbing up and down two or three times then she would insert a finger in her pussy then back to he clit. I can't remember if she kept telling the story, but I do remember the sound of her hand rubbing roughly over her pubes and her breathing increasing until she let out a stifled moan and came in the quiet dignified way she does when we are "making love".

I think she wanted me to masturbate too, but in my inexperienced shy way I was still a little in shock that this very hot mum had just masturbated her self to orgasm while I watched. Some time later I she got me to jerk my cock for her, though I was not into it and diverted the action to her. All that was about to change When I was in the army I heard about a guy who got punished in front of his whole troop for being caught masturbating I also heard a story about UN peacekeepers to Lebanon.

They had a high watchtower where they would sit with binoculars and keep an eye on things. On the other side were the israelis, with some super good optics. One Christmas the israelis sent a xmas card, thanking for the cooperation - with a clear picture of a guy sitting in the tower wanking!

Hey, here's one short story from my other thread : Quote:. Originally Posted by Estrich. Forth story:We went on a trip with my wifes family. We had to sleep in the same room as my SIL. After turning out the light, i was not able to catch sleep. So, I'm pretty sure, she masturbated, but I cannot really tell. Still, very exciting. Other than a buddy of mine on a business trip,I have not masturbated with anybody. My wife has woken to me "taking care" of myself in bed,and was not pleased.

Our sex life is non existent, my hand is my lover! I have masturbated for a of strangers and in some cases watched them masturbate to. Check out my stories and hopefully they will have you masturbating too. I came. Originally Posted by juliets. Great session. One of my more memorable sessions. This is with the hot brunette ex model. I soon found out she liked to watch me stroke my cock to orgasm. As long as I stayed inside long enough for her to cum she was happy.

I think it was a power thing - guys worshiping her body by masturbating over her not literally though - except in my case. Anyway, we had been to the beach and went back to her place for a shower. I showered first while she did stuff. I stayed naked and lay on her bed watching TV. She came out of the shower and was a little amused by my being naked - kind of a "are you expecting something" sort of look. She was always hot to trot when it came to sex, she just didn't like me expecting her to perform at the drop of a hat. She busied herself drying off and brushing her hair.

Meanwhile I started stroking my cock to a semi hard. She looked at me like - "WTF are you doing". After watching me get fully hard, she lay on the bed facing the opposite direction - kind of a disconnected She spread her legs slightly so I could see her luscious lips and increasingly wet pussy. She was watching me slide my hand up and down my cock, which turned me on even more. I could see her nips get hard and as she watched me increase the pace she started rubbing her nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

I lay back knowing she was watching. After a couple of minutes I could not hold on any longer and spurted over myself. I herd a slight "mmmmm" from the other end of the bed. I looked up as she started rubbing her tanned thigh.

Her hand moved to her mound as she pulled her hand upwards stretching her pussy taught. Her clit was poking out between her lips. She started rubbing her clit from underneath, then inserted a finger in her pussy. I could her the squelching of her pussy juices as she fingered herself. She then put a second finger in as she arched her back and I could tell she was close to cumming. She slowed her pace a little to try to extend the pleasure.

By this point I had a semi again, so I started rubbing my cock again, she mumbled something about being "bad" but she watched anyway. As I got harder her pace increased until she could not hold on any longer and her pussy juice soaked her fingers as she came. After she came down from her orgasm she said she wanted me insider her Another story.

This is her including one of her on the cover of a pantyhose brand. Attached Thumbnails. My wife was a senior in HS and used to sit for the toddler several times a month, the son was in college locally, but lived in the dorm. We were dating at the time and well into mutual masturbation and rarely oral, but my GF had discovered her high libido, so she was into frequent masturbation if I wasn't there to lend a hand.

She was babysitting one night for them and found a hot romance novel to read, the son came home unexpectedly and caught her with her hand in her panties, she thought she covered up before he saw anything and tried to keep her cool. Ben, the son, pretended he didn't see anything and just walked through, he said he was going to take a shower and wash some clothes.

He came out after his shower wearing gym shorts, but shirtless sat down and talked to my GF, she had know him since he was 12, they talked about school and how he liked college. My GF noticed the way he was sitting she could see his cock up the leg of his shorts, but tried to ignore it. Then he asked he if she had a BF, she told him about me, then dropped a bombshell, he said he saw when she was doing when he came in.

She said she blushed and stammered,l but Ben told he not to be embarrassed, it was pretty normal. They even talked about sex, she told him she was still a virgin, he wasn't, and she told him what we did for each other. She said she was getting turned on again and she could see his cock stiffen, then he asked her if she wanted to see it. She nodded yes, and he took off his shorts, he asked her if she wanted to touch it, but she said she felt like she would be cheating on me if she did that. However, she told him she liked to watch sometimes when I masturbated, so he could if he wanted.

He said he needed lube, went to his bedroom and came back with a tube and started stroking himself. She was getting hot watching him, he told her he already saw her pussy when he came in, so if she wanted to do it also, she should. She hiked up the hem of her sundress and fingered herself over her panties, but the more he got into it, the hotter she got too.

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