Nude pic sharing app

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Pornostagram is a new Internet sharing app that allows people to filter and share nude pictures of themselves for their followers to see. The app is based on the concept of the photo-sharing app Instagram, which allows users to share photos with a wide range of enhancing filters. However, Instagram has a very strict policy against any nudity. French creator Quentin Lechemia decided that he wanted to create an alternative where adults could share their "sexy" photos. And I thought maybe by allowing people to apply filters to those pictures it could make the shame disappear and then I enlarged this reflection to social networks.

He mentioned that some of the popular hashtags were "amateur", "boobs", and "gay". He also said that there are strict restrictions to avoid exploitation or child pornography. Child pornography is strictly prohibited and he said that community users are not at all hesitant to report child pornography or any pornography that they don't believe the user has the right to share.

It's just normal people who want to share about sex. That's it. Spotless break-in. Mars helicopter. Chrissy Teigen. Megalodon teeth. Urban heat. Condo collapse. Larry Nassar. Germany floods. Sunscreen recall. Odd News. By Aileen Graef. Latest Headlines. July 14 UPI -- A Georgia woman investigating what she initially believed to be a piece of fuzz on her bedroom floor made a far more startling discovery -- 18 snakes under her bed. July 14 UPI -- Firefighters in Georgia responded to a home where an "embarrassed" raccoon had found its way inside and appeared unable to locate an exit.

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Nude pic sharing app

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