Pantie fetish chat

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Only registered users are permitted to participate in message board discussions. Registering is fast, easy and free. Find out more about becomming a JackinChat member. Member . Sponsored Links. Index » Masturbation » Jackin Material » Panty fetish. Posted on PM. If any body wants pics or vids of me Cumming on my fiancee knickers, drop me a message.

Trentv4 said: If any body wants pics or vids of me Cumming on my fiancee knickers, drop me a message. Does anyone know of a good website to buy used panties from? Posted on AM. I love wearing a really girly pair of panties, pink or black lace are my favorites. Something about pulling your thong up between your ass and then going to work or the gym is so hot. I really like the thrill of going shopping for them too when the sales person asks if they're for my wife or gf, it turns me on to tell them I'm wearing panties and shopping for a thong or g string.

I have a pink pair of the wife's panties I like to sneak out and wear to work for the day. Even better if I slid on some of her stockings. I go full commando and have so for over 25 years but when I did wear underwear I was so frustrated with the elastic waist and crotch fit that I started buying and wearing women's boy pants. Such a great transformation! So comfortable! I may have to go back to wearing them An ex girlfriend once stuck her hand down my pants unexpectedly and found me out.

I just explained that they were way better than men's and surprisingly, she agreed! Master edger, veteran voyeur into just about anything. Dig nice racks, dangling labia, tribbing, hard cocks, cumshots, pull back hand jobs, skinny dipping with Gisele. I never wear them but love to sniff a nice dirty pair. Whenever I get the chance I am straight in the laundry to find a dirty pair. Love sniffing the cunts of some of the women I know. Speaking to them afterwards knowing you have just been smelling their cunt and licking their cunt sweat and stains out the crotch of their little dirty knickers.

Winkle77 said: I never wear them but love to sniff a nice dirty pair. I've been jacking off with dirty panties for my whole life. I love sharing photos of my wife while letting another man smell and stroke with her dirty panties. I trade in person or in the mail. Add me on Yahoo IM if you have photoshare. ID is mainehotwife please mention this site in your add request or message me. Last edited by hockeyguy18 on PM.

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Pantie fetish chat

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