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To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Our community has , members , 5, online now , in chat rooms. Latest Forum Posts:. Lush. Submit Story Random Story . Hide Ad. Tags: pegging , strapon , wife. It was another birthday about to have come and gone with little fanfare from either my wife or myself.

It didn't really bother me all that much; I mean, thirteen years of marriage plus two kids tends to put a damper on your personal life events. I figured it would be pretty much the same as the last few, Melissa would give me a heartfelt card that I would appreciate followed by a hug and a kiss. Kids would be wrangled into bed, then I would download a new PC game as my gift and spend the night conquering the known universe.

Otherwise I would just wank to a fantasy of her in positions I'd never been able to request before falling asleep. It was a note telling me that the two kids were at a sleepover for the night and she was hanging out with a couple of her friends so I could have an evening of uninterrupted gaming. I appreciated the thought but sex or no sex I would miss her tonight. Still, it would be nice to be alone in the house for a while; so I went downstairs and fired up the PC to pick a game to download while I cleaned up.

I went upstairs to turn on the shower and started thinking of Melissa as I stripped down. After getting in and soaking myself I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and envisioned her naked gleaming body in the shower with me. Water splashing off her shoulders as the soap started trailing down between her gorgeous round tits on its trek towards her navel; and finally the naked lips of her soaking pussy. I started stroking my cock as my fantasy continued; my mind was alive with images of water bouncing off her hips and running down her long legs before it puddled at her feet.

I thought of licking her soft nipples, kissing and sucking them as they began to harden and stand erect. I imagined her reaching down between my legs to start stroking and squeezing my cock then fondle my testicles briefly before moving along my perineum towards my anus. My head started to spin as I thought of her playing around the rim of my asshole with her finger and then suddenly reality shook me awake as I lost my balance and almost fell face first into the tub. I definitely did not want to be the guy that broke his neck in the shower while jacking off so I quickly finished up and got dressed.

I went back downstairs to see if my game was done downloading, which it was, so I settled in for the night. I don't know how many hours had passed when I heard the front door open followed by Melissa calling my name. I said that I was downstairs, even though I could already hear her footsteps coming down.

I smiled as she came into the office, her blonde hair falling down around her lightly made up face as she pulled the band releasing her pony tail. She was wearing a tight-fitting V neck shirt that accentuated her boobs fantastically while snug fitting jeans wrapped around her long legs, waist and hips completing the hourglass figure I loved to adore. She leaned over giving me a nice look at her cleavage as she kissed me. What about you? We hung out at Amy's house most of the night.

I had a little bit to drink and it was a long day so I am going to just head upstairs and crash. You going to play for a while longer? She just didn't know what kind of porn and never bothered to ask; she just figured that was my thing and it wasn't a big deal to her. I watched her ass wag out the door before I sighed and went back to my game.

A few more minutes and a quicksave later, I closed it down and fired up my browser. I checked out some pegging sites and watched two of my favorite videos before I decided to call it a night. I was thinking that if I got upstairs quickly enough I might be able to coax her into a hand job or something.

It wouldn't take long with my dick already hard from the porn surfing and, imagining her hands wrapped around it and my balls, was only making me harder. As I entered the bedroom, the lights were off and only the moonlight from the skylights gave me a vague outline of the room. I could see Melissa wrapped up under the covers, eyes closed and fast asleep. I walked around to my side and stripped down naked before I crawled under the covers with my back to her. I never liked facing her while I jerked off, even if she was asleep. There wasn't any real reason, it just felt weird.

I closed my eyes and decided to pick up my shower fantasy from where I left off. As I was delving back into that image I heard Melissa stir and roll over like she tended to do at night. Brushing it off I was about to return to the fantasy when I heard the click of what sounded like the top of a plastic lid being opened. This was definitely not the typical way she initiated sex so I was really at a loss for what was happening.

I suddenly felt her wet hand reach between my legs and start caressing my balls, covering them in what I realized was lube and quite a lot it seemed like. This wasn't unusual for her when she gave me a hand job so I began to get excited by this nice surprise. She kept gently rubbing and squeezing them as she slowly worked me into a mild frenzy.

I began to moan a little and I heard her snicker; I could picture her face with this big evil grin that she would get when she knew I was starting to go out of my mind. After a minute or two of this she started to caress just below my sack, gently working her way down until she was rubbing her finger between my ass cheeks and gently pressing on my puckered hole. I couldn't form words as the pleasure and shock washed over me in waves, causing my dick to pulse and wag as it strained against itself to get even harder.

Put your hands up and grab the headboard. This was not the woman I knew but I liked her a lot! I felt her body moving closer behind me and then the sound of a large squirt of lube from a bottle. I know this is what you crave when you think that I am asleep. The waves of new sensations washed over me in ever increasing intensity; excitement and pleasure building and peaking in ways that I had never known as she entered deeper and deeper with each motion. She grasped my hip as with one final thrust she sent the last length of it in and I felt her hips on my ass. She pushed me over with her body, forcing me onto my stomach.

I felt her chest pressed against my back, thrilling me with agonizing desire as she picked herself up while drawing her knees up beside my hips until she was sitting upright on top of me. Say you want your mistress to fuck you. Fuck me hard mistress! Slow motions started to give way to quick, short thrusts that punctuated my groaning desire.

She leaned in closer to me as the short thrusts became longer and harder and soon she was just pounding my ass, the slapping sound of naked skin resonating off the walls. My little ass whore? My eyes rolled back into my head as I was completely consumed in a haze of lust. There was no cognoscente thought, only animal instinct and pleasure.

I felt the convulsions and heard the high pitched labored breathes that aled her orgasm, her soft breasts touching my back as she bent down over me and bit my shoulder. A few short orgasmic thrusts later and I was beginning to feel delirious from the grinding pleasure of her strapon mixed with the pressured pain of my nether regions being used as a stress ball. I began to shudder and convulse as she let go of my sack and moved to the head of my shaft, squeezing and rubbing it.

A few moments later I felt the release that sent a warm jet of semen into her palm and onto the sheets, her fingers still rubbing the head of my cock as my body wracked with orgasm. Her desire and mine now spent, she collapsed on top of me. Now that we have tried it, I don't think there is any going back.

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Pegged by wife stories

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