Rim job fetish

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Five years ago, a rim job was on my hard limits. What a disgusting thought it had been! The mere thought would make me gag. Today, I enjoy tossing the salad immensely: Seeing my partner getting so turned on is incredibly hot. But like with other oral sex techniques for her and for him , there are also a few things that make the difference between any other rim job and a great rim job.

We discussed in the basics about rimming post how the naughtiness of oral anal sex is a large part of why it is so sexy. Really spreading those cheeks and making your partner expose his or her anus, something usually tucked away neatly, is a massive turn on. Spreading the buttcheeks also stretches the anus, really giving you maximum surface exposure. Read: lots of nerve endings for orgasmic fireworks. Although there are worse ways to go. And attitude is everything. This should really come first.

The second…. So how do you get from licking to worship? The way you roll your tongue over their anus — try doing it with all your attention and love. Caress their buttocks, gently or firmly, depending on the mood. Blow your breath across their anus, play with it. Enjoy it. And make them hear and feel you are. Think about the way you would like ice cream in a sexy way and you are halfway there. Worship takes time and your partner will feel if you are just thinking about how to get the shopping done afterwards.

Do they enjoy licking more or sucking, do they like some finger support or your tongue up their butt? Most people enjoy if your do one technique for a while so they can tune into it, rather than hectically changing rimming style. Here some ideas:. Run your tongue flat over their anus, make sure it is stretched well. You can alternate a flat tongue and rolling it slightly as if to scoop off that extra bit of ice cream at the top.

This one is always upwards licks only. If your go faster and wetter, it starts to get more like a little doggy — often a favorite. A different sensation entirely is when you go up and down with your tongue. Try alternating high and low pressure between the movements and observe what lands best. Presumably where the term originally comes from, run your tongue around the rim of the anus. Slowly or fast both feel very differently and I have been told that some people have strong opinions on the topic of clockwise vs counter clockwise. Use your tongue like a mini whip and flick that butthole.

Make sure you sticked to the hygiene basics here. Complete rimming anarchy ;P why stop with the tongue. As if you wanted to suffocate yourself in their bottom, go in there and go intense. There is a few people who really dislike talk during sex. But for most people, it adds to the turn on. Your partner might want to say dirty things to you but hesitate to say them out loud.

By starting and asking questions, you encourage them to let out what they are surely thinking in their he. And that in turn is another level of turn on. But also checking in on what they like best. Talk is a great way to make rimming part of a little humiliation play, if you are into that. Wait this is about tongues and mouths, not a hand job, right? Ass worship is about using all you got.

For guys, beckoning against the prostate will make surely make them moan a level harder. If you can expose their butthole with one hand by just spreading your fingers over it, you can — and I recommend it highly — work your other hand too. For girls, gentle stimulation of the clitoris and massaging her entire vulva will make her want more.

Especially with ladies, go slow here at first. She will tell you when she wants it harder. For guys, jerking them off and licking their anus at the same time is a sure road to new orgasmic levels. Ask them to spread their cheeks for you so you can please them with your hands better. Or tell them touch themselves whilst you rim them. The sight — or well knowledge — of my partner jerking off when I am busy worshipping is his butt is way up there on my list of hottest things. And especially men are visually turned on.

So if you have mirrors available, so they can watch you whilst you are rimming them, that will be a sure treat. When your partner is watching you, give them porn. Make sure to make eye contact now and then. If you have a hand free, play with yourself. As a woman, rubbing your thighs together when your hands a busy is already a great visual. Nothing like a few additions when rimming. Maybe not the first time, but to spice things up now and then.

Lube goes a long way when rimming. It heightens the sensation for your partner. And as a nice bonus for you, if you use flavored ones, you can make the anus a bit tasty too. When alternating between tongue and finger play, lube helps to skip the slightly painful first second. Make sure to know your lube though. Making your tongue hot with a sip of tea, or cold by having an ice cube in your mouth can add a fun new angle to rimming.

Sometimes, rimming is nice foreplay. Especially for male partners, it releases tension if you make clear from the go: this one is on me. Also, granting your partner the pleasure of just sailing on that pleasure cloud after orgasm — without having to repay the favor — is a great way of showing them how special they are to you. Whatever you do, make sure you and your partner are totally comfortable with giving or receiving a rim job.

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Licking Butt or Butt Worship? The Flick Use your tongue like a mini whip and flick that butthole. Bury Your Face Complete rimming anarchy ;P why stop with the tongue. Talk to Your Partner There is a few people who really dislike talk during sex. Lube Lube goes a long way when rimming.

Rim job fetish

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