Role reversal spanking stories

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One of my favourite places to imagine a new story is the shower. The one that I remembered when I turned on the hot water in the shower is this one:. Continue reading. In my opinion, just as interesting as the schoolgirl fantasy, is that of a police officer and a naughty rulebreaker. The fantasy can go many directions, being stopped for ignoring a stop and talking your way out of a ticket, but into a spanking in the back of the police-car.

Or better even, being bent over the hood of his car to be searched and then spanked for everyone to see. He could strip-search you there, in front of his colleagues, or in private where he has you all for himself. He could put you in a little cell and spank you there. Perhaps even make you spend the night, so that he has you and your body all to himself. They might abuse their powers or make a mistake. When you take your complaint to their commanding officer, who decides the best action to take is a spanking for the errant officer. A favourite spanking fantasy for many, the naughty schoolgirl being spanked by her teacher.

But today lets reverse these roles. The naughty teacher spanked by one of her students. Now when would this scenario be possible? Why would they have such an agreement? Please leave a comment after reading one of my posts, it's always nice to read other people's thoughts on my fantasies, it's one of the main reasons I created this blog. Also, don't forget to rate a fantasy you've read, it helps me determine which fantasies appeals to my audience the most. Address:. me up! Hi, I'm emma. I've started this blog to share my spanking fantasies with the world. As my interest in spanking grew I was always excited to discover new stories, and thought this a nice way to give something back to the community of spanko's, and giving new spanko's a place to feed their fantasies.

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Role reversal spanking stories

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Role reversal