Snapchat selling pictures

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Adrianna Iwasinski, Investigative Reporter. It's called "Snapchat premium," and it is where some adults and even teens are selling racy, explicit photos and videos to anyone willing to pay to see them. A spokesperson at Snapchat who asked not to be identified says Snapchat premium is not official, but reports it is a term used by individuals who use the private messaging side of the app to distribute adult content.

A quick search on several popular social media sites revealed a long list of people claiming to be young women and teens using and advertising their Snapchat premium s to sell graphic nude pictures and videos of themselves in an effort to entice subscribers. Some boasted about getting paid thousands of dollars and many are getting just as many views.

We also found a person claiming to be an year-old selling nude photos and premium Snapchat for cheap. That has since been shut down. The concern for parents is whether their children will try to do the same thing without them even knowing.

News 6 checked with Cook to see if there are any cases of minors using Snapchat premium locally, especially since News 6 and our sister station in Detroit found reports of underage teens using it to post graphic content for quick cash across the country. We checked with all 10 Central Florida school districts, and all of them say for now, this is not on their radar. Again, most parents do not even know if their son or daughter has a premium .

Unlike normal Snapchat, where you can see who is out there, you have to be invited by the premium holder to see this kind of content. That means taking devices when they are not looking and going through their phone or tablet or computer. Cook also suggests putting a monitoring app on your child's phone so you can see what apps they are downloading and spending time on when you are not looking.

It's the same thing with letting them have these internet-connected devices in their room, where you don't know what's going on. They need a parent, they don't need a friend. Cook said these graphic images may appear to disappear on the Snapchat app, but they live on the web forever and can be copied and shared and sold without your knowledge or consent. That could affect future employment, schooling and even relationships. Cook said inviting people to view a premium is also an easy way for child predators to try to contact your children. Cook said that is what could lead to cyber bullying or even worse -- teen suicide.

Cook says some of these pictures can be classified as child porn, and can end up in the hands of child predators who share them in their own dark circles on the world wide web and sell them in their own collections. According to Snapchat community guidelines and terms of service , the company prohibits s that promote or distribute pornographic content.

The company spokesperson states that when they are notified that a Snapchatter is violating the rules, they promptly investigate and remove the offending content if appropriate and may terminate the . The Snapchat app also has ways for users to block and report offenders. To report abuse on Snapchat, users can press and hold on the open content until a flag button appears in the bottom left corner. Snapchat has also reportedly partnered with safety experts, such as Connect Safely, and built an online safety center to provide parents, teachers and Snapchatters with safety tips, research and resources to help keep users safe online.

Does your son or daughter have Snapchat secrets? Reports of teens posting graphic nude content for cash on 'premium' s. Published: April 30, pm. Tags: News , Tech , Investigators , Local.

Snapchat selling pictures

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