Sub dom collar

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Collaring is the moment that shows that a sub has completed their training and their relationship with their Dom has been taken to a new level. If you can think of consideration and training collars as engagement rings, the ownership collar is similar to a wedding ring.

Sometimes ceremonies are held by the Dom to celebrate this moment. Collars and their meanings: Different collars have different meanings. Play collar — These collars are very commonly worn during scenes and tend to have no ificant meaning behind them. Play collars are typically dog collars, leather collars, or ribbon collars. Protection collar — This is when a Dom wants to show that a submissive is protected and is commonly used in dungeons or kinky house parties. This lets other Doms know that while this sub is not owned, they are not are free to touch or approach. These collars are typically dog collars or leather collars.

Training collar — This type of collar shows that a submissive is currently being trained by a Dom. It gives a taste of the power that the Dom has over the sub. An ownership collar is earned after a sub has completed their training or deemed worthy of being kept long term. This means it could be years before a sub receives an ownership collar. These collars can look like anything from a leather dog collar, to a metal collar most commonly seen , to a symbolic piece of jewelry a bracelet , anklet, necklace, or ring.

The meaning behind the collar should not be a game of guess work, especially ownership collars. When a Dom gives you a collar they will or should tell you the meaning behind it and discuss any questions you may have regarding it. Some Doms even require that you speak to them before even approaching or conversing with their sub. Taking it off during arguments is considered rude and disrespectful. Community Articles are written by miscelaneous authors in the greater pup community.

No singular person takes credit for articles published under this username. Search for:. What is collaring? They are worn to for fun, as a fashion statement, or a way to restrict neck movement and enhance posture. It ifies that the submissive is being considered for a long term relationship or ownership, however, it is normally worn for an agreed on amount of time and can be revoked for any reason. Where to buy collars? Collars can be bought at local dungeons by vendors and crafters. You can also find those same people on Fetlife through meets, munches, and networking.

However, you can buy collars online as well. Category Gear. Tags Collar Gear. How to Look After Your Puppy. About The Author Community Articles. April 24, at am. Anonymous says:. September 24, at pm.

Sub dom collar

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