What is fluid bonding

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The horror! People do not choose to do this lightly, nor is it practiced out of lack of sexual responsibility. Kenneth Play, an international educator and creator of the Sex Hacker Pro series, tells TheBody that this goes beyond ejaculate. It also includes vaginal secretions, saliva, and blood. Basically, all sexually related fluids that can potentially be exchanged are not actively prevented from doing so. While fluid bonding is very common among monogamous couples, it also exists widely in polyamorous circles, wherein people have consensual sex with multiple partners.

The choice to fluid bond with someone is not some easygoing thing. It is taken with great seriousness and indicates an elevated level of trust and communication between partners. Before this new concept of relationship normality, if you were in a monogamous relationship and using birth control other than condoms, if needed , why would you be using condoms? It was almost a given. This is the Million Dollar Question.

Maybe both, who knows? To remove stigma around fluid bonding, we need to understand STIs more clearly. The thing is, not all STIs are preventable by using barrier methods in the first piece. That is not OK! This is an opinion, not a fact. As GlittersaurusRex and Play both point out, this is a t decision between partners to stop using barrier methods. Where things can get complicated is when deception comes into the fold.

Ghose stresses the importance of trust between partners who are fluid-bonded, as there is active risk to STI exposure should one partner break the agreement such as by having sex with someone outside of the couple or fluid-bonded circle. You can just go for it, feel safe, and enjoy yourself. The act of removing a barrier between you can be symbolic of removing emotional barriers in some cases. Basically, there is nothing wrong with fluid bonding as long as everyone is on board.

It can even bring you closer as partners in some cases. When done in an informed way, it is not taken lightly, but rather with careful consideration, respect, and communication. Gigi Engle April 20,

What is fluid bonding

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What Is Fluid Bonding and How Can You Make It a Part of Your Sex Life?