Why do i like cuckold

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I am a bi, white, married man—35 years old and living in a big Midwestern city. These fantasies took an unexpected turn when I asked her to share stories about people she fucked in the past. She obliged—and holy shit, was I turned on. The only unfortunate thing is that she did not have many great sexual experiences in the past, so she feels like there is not a lot to share. Anyway, we have an amazing sex life, obviously, and I feel no shame whatsoever about these fantasies or how turned on her memories make us.

I know others have similar kinks, but it seems so antithetical to the heteronormative expectations of what I should be turned on by. Any ideas? Fantasies Reliably Enhance Every Dalliance. David Ley, a clinical psychologist, author, and sex researcher. Additionally, vicarious erotic fulfillment is often a central component in many cuckold fantasies. Many cuckolds celebrate their partners being sexually unrestrained. FREED might just be turned on by the idea of his wife cutting loose and sharing that supercharged erotic energy with other partners—past, present, and future.

While not everyone is turned on by the thought of transgressing against sexual or social norms, a ificant percentage is. Follow Dr. Ley on Twitter DrDavidLey. I knew I was a cuckold before I met my wife. As soon as things got somewhat serious, I made this very clear, as I had learned repeatedly that my desire for a cuckold relationship almost certainly spelled doom. While we were dating, she cuckolded me multiple times and seemed very accepting of the idea.

I was in heaven, as I finally felt accepted for me. I remember very clearly on the day of our elopement discussing that this was more than a kink for me—it was central to my sexuality and I needed her buy-in before committing for life. After we had children first child four years ago , her interest in cuckolding evaporated. I accepted this for some time due to having young children. But this is something I need, as I made clear before we married. What do I do? Be thankful for the things I do have?

Ask to go to a sex-positive therapist? Ask for a divorce? Cuckold Has Understandable Regrets Now. And the doing presents more risks for her—the risks of STIs and pregnancy fall entirely on her, as she pointed out. Judgmental family and friends would just heap equal portions of shame on you, too. Even the most adventurous people—sexual or otherwise—tend to become risk-averse when their children are young, and I imagine your wife is currently some combo of highly risk-averse and completely overwhelmed. Hey, are you doing your fair share of the housework and childcare?

Instead of threatening to divorce her which would amount to pressuring her , I would encourage you to find a sex-positive counselor who can help you two talk about what your sex life can look like once your children are a little older. If she can express it without being expected to act on it tomorrow, my hunch is your wife can see cuckolding you again once your kids are older. On the Lovecast , summer sex toys with Erika Moen. The A. Savage Love. By Dan Savage.

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Why do i like cuckold

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