Women who love wearing pantyhose

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Ironically, however, very many more men than ladies appear to be aware of it. Some ladies do get it, and they embrace this power. How would wearing pantyhose give me this power, you ladies ask? And they will do almost anything you want when you wear. And, more compliments will be given to you, more doors will be held for you, more opportunities will open up to you, and more favors will be done for you. Mostly, more men will notice you, admiringly. You see, most gentlemen feel that ladies who wear sheer pantyhose for all the right reasons and at all the proper venues are very special.

And guess what? Look around. If you pay attention, you can see that pantyhose are showing up everywhere again — on TV shows, TV commercials and print , in movies … and hold your breath … even on fashion runways. And now, they are being confronted with the reality that as fashion always does the bear legs trend is swinging in the opposite direction, back toward sheer pantyhose again. When I go out into the real world, I set an example, whether anyone notices or appreciates it or not.

For a while there, I was beginning to think that men were so long-beaten-down by the bear-leggers, they had gotten conditioned to seeing only Carrie Underwood legs, as they seemed not to even glance my way. So, recently, I resorted to blending into the shadows, while observing my best gal pal, Angela, as she gallivants out and about in our New Act IV line. Many of you have read comments here from some of those real ladies who get it. Case in point: Kim , who wrote this comment last month:.

Picture from file, not of Kim. As a woman, I love my position and the attention I get from my hub especially when I dress up and put on my pantyhose and heels. And believe it or not, I think he likes the attention I get from other men in the room. What I find funny are the cady reactions I see from other women. Go, Kim. That reminded me of a similar comment we saw here last year.

It came from Aimelous:. Picture from file, not of Aimelous. It is such a simple request by a man asking me to wear a pair, who would say no? I also like the feeling of somebody rubbing my legs or feet while I have on a pair. It feels nice and I actually really do like it. I do also find the nylons to be a very intimate thing and that is more my style. Rather, they must find it easier to just complain and cite the same old lame excuses about how bad pantyhose must be. For me its the nude and i prefer a better quality nylon. Since you like them so much as do most men here im confused why you all forgo them i know its not your choice.

Im confused why people are with others when they cant really be themselves? I dont think i could ever do that. Dont get me wrong i understand life obligations, jobs, kids, wife, etc and nylons shouldnt be more important by any means, but isnt it a part of you and who you are or no? It is so refreshing to hear another lady ask: Why do you guys forgo so easily the thing you love most in life? And how important is it to you in your relationship?

They weigh like 1. They are like silk. Ours are percent nylon no spandex. Any woman who would say these are uncomfortable is simply fooling herself. In such a case, the real issue must be that she has no sense of femininity, elegance, beauty or glamour. Also last year, came this positive, but at the same time, heart-wrenching comment from Annie :. Before meeting him I thought of tights as nothing special really. I assumed men preferred bare legs.

I had to wear them for work and I never even took a second glance at deniers or finishes when buying them. But now, I see the true beauty of them. I can tell which denier and finish someone is wearing when they pass me in the street. I absolutely loved the fetish and it became a huge part of my life. I found the entire concept of it so exciting and I now wear them every single day. Picture from file, not of Annie. Do I actively look for someone with this fetish? It made me feel so much more attractive, and teaming them with outfits became something I absolutely threw myself into with enthusiasm.

I felt I might get some kind of helpful feedback as opposed to people responding with crude comments followed by their telephone s! Wow, what a great girl Annie is. She truly is a dream come true for most of the men on this planet. They have learned, accepted and embraced or, in some cases, always knew in the first place the reality that they wield true power when wearing pantyhose. Picture from file, not of Elsa. I recently started dating a guy with a pantyhose fetish. It is just getting boring.

Of course, I realize there are thousands of men who love the tight-fitting shiny kind of pantyhose, which might actually have more to do with an encasement or bondage fetish than a pantyhose fetish. Spandex, a synthetic compound of rubberized particles, was invented in the s for athletic apparel, such as compression shorts. And since the vast majority of pantyhose today have some degree of spandex in them, it stands to reason that those are the kind most women are buying. Those are the women who try pantyhose once or maybe a couple times and come away with a negative feeling about them.

Have you noticed the well-conceived and brilliantly written comments that have been appearing here lately? A couple of months ago, Russell , a reader I believe is a lawyer, wrote in part this:. I submit the answer is yes and here is my argument in support of my position. Conservative women favor preservation of tradition, class, good looks, being well dressed and polished. Liberals, or left leaning women follow current trends and f. Once pantyhose became a pariah of feminists who viewed them as a symbol of male oppression and sexism, they followed suit and continue to do so in the honest belief that they have no other function save for objectifying women.

Duchess Catherine is now the most looked-at woman in the world, as well as the most admired. Her clothing choices are elegant, modest, and conservative while always fresh and never dowdy. When wearing pantyhose was in vogue, they wore them, and would never think of doing otherwise. When pantyhose fell out of favor, they followed suit and perpetuated the trend. Lemmings, pure and simple. The Scaredy Cats know better than this, but lack the confidence to do what they feel is right because doing so would make them look like outcasts and subject them to ridicule.

The Copy Cats, on the other hand, feel a sense of pride. But it was something else JA wrote that really resonated with me, as it is something I have believed for a long time. And that attention is growing stronger and faster than the beasts ever could have imagined for their own cause.

And, men everywhere are noticing and applauding the beauties. So tired men are of beast mode. For the most part, look at the advertising on TV, which too often portrays women as wanting to look, act and dress like men. This currently airing TV commercial right for a Checkers steak burger, features a woman dressed in leather from head to toe, ratcheting up her jaw to about three times normal size to take a huge bite.

A few years ago, I stumbled across this site: boycottamericanwomen. Today, I had to search to find the site again. It was getting too depressing. Sadly, most women today continue to miss or ignore two great principles: 1. The vast majority of men throughout the world always profess that they love and desire women in pantyhose; 2. Women appear to have no clue about the power they could wield if they wore sheer pantyhose. Indeed, the ladies in most civilized countries throughout the world embrace the wearing of sheer pantyhose as part of their culture of beauty, class and elegance.

As pantyhose once were here, where they were invented. They see it all the time, every single day. And men are keeping score. In it, I suggest that men need to do a better job of communicating with the ladies. They need to express the right way their feelings about pantyhose.

I still believe that to some extent it is men who can bring pantyhose back into the mainstream. We can see pantyhose coming back a little every day. Seriously, can I really be with a woman who has such hatred and aversion to something as beautiful, delicate and decidedly feminine as pantyhose? I meant it as a joke back then, but now I really think you ought to try these things. Well, guys, there you have it. Now, the are up to you. Note 1 : As mentioned in the post, some of the high resolution photos here are not expanding to their larger sizes.

More than likely, the female help personnel there are the bear-legger types. The pics will enlarge at least a little. It takes a few days to write something like this, and a few more days to search, choose and insert just the right pictures to help tell this story. Thousands of you will read this post, and so far the post has been up for about a month now , it has received 25 5-Star ratings. If you like this post, please keep them coming.

I have just found your blog and think this article is fascinating. When I met my wife she hardly ever wore pantyhose because she found them uncomfortable but now she wears them every single day, even as part of a casual look. What changed? She discovered that if you invest in quality and get the right size, they are not uncomfortable and she now has the confidence to display her legs in a variety of styles.

Personally I have always admired sheer hosiery on ladies. I grew up in the 70s and 80s when it seemed like every woman wore them, and I do find them alluring and seductive so I will admit that they have a certain power over me.

My wife knows this and probably uses it to her advantage! But they do have a practical side too. I started wearing skin tone hosiery last year to cover up my own blemishes, as I have developed the skin condition vitiligo. They give me the confidence to keep wearing shorts, enhance the appearance of my own legs and are stealthy enough to wear as part of a male outfit without any connotations of cross dressing. They are a very practical and versatile garment, that can be both sexy and functional at the same time.

My first wife was 21 years old when we married. She loved to wear pantyhose and did almost every day.

Women who love wearing pantyhose

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Girls do you like wearing pantyhose? Why or why not wear them?